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"Your album (Disappear) is really fantastic, and I just wanted to let you know you will be on The Colorado Wave and Indie Music Wave on all stations. Wave on!"
"On the album (Disappear), Branz's voice is clear and strong, the tunes are highly melodic and and her lyrics range from intensely personal on the title track and "I Judge Myself" to rather silly on "Flip Flops," in which she describes said footwear as "an island vacation for my feet."
"...So here I am at the Coeur d'Alene Street Fair a few years back listening to this trio of women singing on one of the corners. Afterwards, this voice calls out, "Chris", and it was Cheryl I had been listening to with this powerful, well-controlled voice doing folk/country music. Well, now she takes it a step further with a dozen original songs from her CD, Disappear, that include the racing of your heart, both sides of wanted and unwanted pregnancy, the dichotomy of judging by intentions vs. judging by actions, and the country jazzy how flip flops are a mini-vacationer. Cheryl's voice is full, clear, diction is right on and she moves the lyrics to your inner space. The recording and production are clean. "Disappear" is a song I can realte to and you will too, about disappearing when you need to work with an issue. Or she talks about chasing illusions on "Shadow Diving" with good tempo emphasis. A powerful confrontation drives the vocals on "With Me or Against Me". Cheryl will work fine at any mixed music festival stage. Her strength and clarity and singing about our everyday thoughts will appeal to young and old."

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