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You can hear my latest cd, Letting Go, by checking out the Music page. You'll also be able to hear my previous releases, too.

I'm feeling excited about the Video page I finally got around to adding. More videos coming soon. I posted a variety to get you started.

My music is for sale on cdbaby.com and also available on iTunes and Amazon. If you are looking for signed copies, please e-mail me directly. Feel free to friend me on facebook. New information generally gets posted there first!

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Cheryl Branz

KPBX Radio Live On-Air

I'll be performing a quick 15 minute set promoting the Spokane Fall Folk Festival! I'm really tickled about singing live on a public radio station because in college I was an on-air announcer for a public radio station and that's honestly where I first heard some of the singer/songwriters that inspired me to pick up a guitar and start writing! Full circle!

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