CD's here, and then gone!

Oh, did the last entry wind up being foreshadowing or what? I said I couldn't imagine what it would be like to open the boxes...and what I really couldn't imagine was that my cover photo was going to be so different from the art proof that I was originally sent. There was some drama. My big moment was, quite frankly, a big disappointment with me worrying the rest of the afternoon and night how this was possibly going to get fixed (the company I used was back East and already closed when they were delivered). It was pretty unbelievable. Thankfully, yesterday they agreed to a reprint. They're going to pick them all back up and I now expect to have the fixed version around August 1st! Let's hear it for Take Two! In the meantime, I did get to keep a few aside to take with me to share with friends at the guild this coming week.