Hey, that's a funny looking little guitar...

Well, that's because it's not a guitar, silly. I'm the proud new owner of a sweet little Ukelele that I brought home with me from Hawaii during the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm in love with it because it's just so darn cute (not to mention a dream to carry around). You'd swear the case is empty. In fact, I couldn't help but feel a bit cheated about playing the guitar - which is so much heavier - AND has two more strings. It's kind of like when I decided to play the flute in elementary school because it would be the easiest to carry and then discovered (too late) that the piccolo is half again the size of a flute. Dang. Anyway, I bought the Uke within about 20 minutes after stepping off the airplane (the music store was on the way to where we were staying). And I was determined not to change my mind about wanting one (which is what happened three years ago when I was in Hawaii and which I really regretted)! Have I mentioned how cute it is? My little Uke is all wired up to be plugged into my sound sytem and now it's just a matter of learning a few new songs...bring on the tropics I say. I'm looking forward to it's big debut in the next few months!

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